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24.05.2021_The first B2B Atalanta finally took place after the advent of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The event held at the GEWISS Stadium, home of Atalanta, was an opportunity for all partners to deepen their knowledge and finally meet in person in full compliance with all safety regulations, access to the Stadium was manned by one of the ns. Sanitation cabins!

During the event ATALANTA paid homage to the very welcome presence of Antonio and Luca Percassi, Mr. Gasparini and some players.

We are proud of the results achieved by the team for the 20/21 season and we are sure that there will be surprises for the 21/22 season!

Hypochlorous acid: the study on the effectiveness of the nasal spray on Covid-19 symptoms is underway.

The first clinical study on humans to evaluate the effectiveness of a hypochlorous acid-based nasal spray on patients infected with Covid-19 is about to leave at the San Martino Hospital in Genoa.

Hypochlorous acid is the active principle at the base of SANAPUR, Medical Surgical Device; this study, together with the preliminary tests, will define the starting point for the use of hypochlorous acid products such as Sanapur in the prevention of symptoms due to Covid-19.

The results of the preliminary in vitro and in vivo tests were recently published in the Official Journal of the European Society of Otolaryngology available at the following link.

As a gift from the REMAZEL ENGINEERING company in Chiuduno, two Be Safe cabins for the CUS in Dalmine.

06.05.2021_Donate from REMAZEL ENGINEERING to the CUS - Centro Universitatio Sportivo in Dalmine, two of our brand new Be Safe sanitation booths, aimed at safeguarding and protecting the thousands of people who every day access the CUS transformed into one of the largest and most efficient vaccination HUBs of the province.

We are proud to have acted as an intermediary between the REMAZEL ENGINEEERING Company and the UNIVERSITY OF BERGAMO, having reached the stipulation of a multi-year agreement for the promotion of internships for young undergraduates and recent graduates of the area.

In the official meeting held yesterday at the CUS we also had the opportunity to officially present our new born "ALBATROS" a very user friendly device to operate in full autonomy the sanitization of environments and surfaces of all kinds.

Be Safe at the Absolute Final of the Italian Kikboxing Championships with Federkombat

SAFETY climbs on the podium of the FEDERKOMBAT Absolute ITALIAN Championships.

In fact, a cabinet complete with a full body sanitization system was installed at the RDS Stadium: the atomized mist will act on all surfaces of the person and of the objects introduced into the cabin. "An absolute novelty - explains Federal President Donato Milano - that protects and safeguards the health of everyone, no one excluded. We wanted to make a further qualitative leap in terms of safety and compliance with anti-Covid protocols". "We will have around 1200 athletes in the race - continues the secretary general Dr. Stefano Rigamonti - who will be able to experience the Rimini competition in complete serenity. The innovative Be Safe system that we will install at the RDS Stadium in Rimini will allow the detection of body temperature and presence of mask. It is a made in Italy product, built in stainless steel and thanks to a wi-fi connection we will have the possibility to keep under control all the reports, in real time of the data collected by the thermoscanner ".

Be Safe 4.0 Land at Bergamo's Orio al Serio Airport.

21.04.2021_Installed our highly technological sanitation cabin, equipped with Remote Control to monitor its perfect functioning at all times.

The Orio al Serio airport, through the management company Sacbo, strengthens the devices and refines the procedures regarding anti Covid-19 health security protocols, in view of the gradual recovery of the flow of travelers. At the entrance to gate 4 of the Bergamo airport, the single point of access to the terminal, the sanitation booth developed by the Bergamo-based company WMEM as part of the "Be Safe" project, shared with other companies in the area, was installed.

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President of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana, sanitized in the cabin before visiting the Dalmine Vaccinal Center

2.04.2021_To access the Dalmine Vaccinal Center set up at the CUS, people go through our sanitation cabin, an additional precautionary measure strongly desired by the center for greater protection of the population.

Attilio Fontana, the President of the Lombardy Region, is also visiting today.

He too, like all the staff ... sanitized by our Be Safe!

Dalmine Vaccination Center


From Cortina to the Dalmine University Sports Center converted into one of the largest vaccine centers in the province.

Lombardy Region Report on the visit of the Councilor Lara Magoni

5.03.2021_ Honored by the visit of the Councilor Lara Magoni and the media interest aroused, we take the opportunity to share this magnificent experience with our. project partner Elettronica Veneta hoping to receive this welcome interest also in other regions of Italy.

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Cortina Sanitization Cabins are Made in Bergamo

21.02.2021_Eco di Bergamo is back to talk about Be Safe, after the success of the organization of the Cortina Ski World Championships managed in the middle of the global pandemic.
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Cortina and management in Bolle.

Corriere della Sera

8.02.2021_In the anti-Covid Bolle management of the Cortina World Cup, we too with the Be Safe cabins were present to contribute to the management in Full Safety of this great event!
Corriere della Sera 08.02.2021

Video Interview, Be Safe - Atalanta

Wonderful interview by Atalanta to better explain the usefulness and use of our Sanitation Cabins.

Watch the video!

Dalmine Vaccination Center

2.04.2021_Short visit by Councilor Lara Magoni who, passing in the cabin, interviewed the Rector of the University of Bergamo Dr. Morzenti and Dr. Peter Assemberg CEO ASST-Bergamo Ovest who made a more than positive comment on the use of Be Safe as an additional preventive measure for greater safety and protection of people.

Visit by Councilor Magoni for the Be Safe project

4.03.2021_ It was an honor to receive from us today for the Be Safe project, the Councilor for Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Fashion of the Lombardy Region, Lara Magoni.
During the meeting we were able to appreciate the life experience of a woman, an athlete and a political figure who deserves all our admiration.
Concreteness, Passion and Stubbornness are the values that we glimpsed today during the interview with Councilor Lara Magoni, values that we too have shared in the realization of our Be Safe project.

A heartfelt "thank you" from all of us.

The Eco of Bergamo

We report a new article from L'Eco di Bergamo following the visit received by Councilor Lara Magoni.
Read the article
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Stream Il Sole 24 Ore

20.02.2021_Captured in a video by Alberto Czajkowski here is our sanitizing cabin shot while a photographer with all his equipment is about to sanitize.
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Be Safe in Cortina in one service

of TG2

Be Safe, two individual sanitation booths, installed at the 2021 World Ski Championships in Cortina


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