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Be Safe
Sanitisation systems

BeSafe is a range of sanitisation products designed to reduce the bacterial and viral load present on all surfaces that come into contact with the sanitising mist allowing people to attend work and public places with greater safety and serenity, giving entrepreneurs a tool to protect their company from possible epidemics.

Our Services

Our Products for Individual Sanitation

Individual sanitisation booths to neutralize viruses and bacteria present on the person, on the surfaces of worn clothes and objects placed in the cabin.


Be Safe
Full Optional

Person Sanitising Cabin with Thermomentria Terminal for temperature control and presence of mask


250 people per hour

Be Safe


Person Sanitising Cabin

400 people per hour

Be Safe


People Sanitisation Tunnel and Thermal Camera for temperature control

1,800 people per hour

Our Products for Environmental Sanitation

Albatros _ line for professional use, with its very small size, it can also be used in difficult places such as the lanes of an aircraft, a train, a subway, a bus or between school desks or in offices without limits of use.

Foggy San, instead, designed for simple daily use as a design object, in environments such as hotels, restaurants, shops and homes, ensuring at all times a sanitisation of the air and the environment that surrounds us.


Equipped with two telescopic arms that reach a distance of 4.5 meters, a single operator will be able to sanitise even an aircraft in a short time!

The device, based on the principle of sanitisation by atomisation, allows a homogeneous saturation of the disinfectant solution within the environment and on all surfaces (armchairs, sofas, tables, seats, desks, counters, etc.), without creating a deposit. o generate humidity, thus being perfectly suitable for sanitising electronic equipment (cameras, telephones, printers, faxes, computers, etc.).

Professional Sanitisation Line

Foggy San

Design diffuser for indoor environments, hotels, restaurants, shops and homes.
Available in numerous variants, it can be customized in materials and colors.

Suitable for keeping the air of an environment up to 50 square meters sanitized.

Home & Ambient Line

Be Safe


Professional cabin for personal sanitation, stretchers and hospital beds.

250/400 people per hour


"Be Safe 4.0 lands at Orio al Serio Airport (BG)"

April 21, 2021

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Don't we all want the world back? So why not adopt all the means at our disposal to fight this Pandemic together ...

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