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Take a look at what our participants can offer to your Business! The best of the made in Italy!

De Pretto Industrie is an Italian turbomachinery manufacturer founded in 1885. Steam Turbine OEM and also Independent Service Provider offering CMUs on any rotating equipment, thanks to its reverse engineering capabilities and its large team of senior engineers covering all turbomachinery key domains

New Componit is a leader in solving problems related to heat, noise and expansion due to temperature changes. For over 35 years we brought our expertise all over the world, measuring ourselves with all types of criticalities in systems that develop extreme temperatures.

NCM is an EN9100 italian Company specialized in turnkey Gas Turbines hot section components: combustion chambers or fuel/oil nozzles functionally tested and ready to be installed on the turbine. 5 axis NC mill/turning up to 1,5m OD. NADCAP NDT’s, HVOF/APS/TBC coatings, HT’s, Vacuum Brazings, TIG, Plasma, EBW Weldings, 3D DMLS printing with CT Scan.

Flame Spray, since 1969, has been a pioneer of thermal spray technology in ENERGY (Gas and Steam turbines, Hydropower, Waste to Energy), OIL&GAS (pumps and compressors, valves), AEROSPACE, STEEL and PAPER field.

Thermal spray, Diffusion Coatings (aluminides and Pt-Aluminides), Slurry Coatings, Cladding and Welding are today commonly applied processes at Flame Spray.

CPS has been founded in 1993 as a small company specialized in engineering and manufacturing of moulds and it was located in a plant of about 300 square meters. Since 2001, after the strategic choice to develop precision machining for energy sector,CPS has invested year after year innovative technologies, latest generation machines and new production plants in order to satisfy every request of its Customers. Thanks to its improved competences, in 2018 CPS can manage internally all the services and processes, being able to grant the success of a project.

Flenco Fluid System supplies Products & Services to the Energy, Oil&Gas, Power Gen. and Petrochemical markets worldwide. The core business is represented by the Engineering, Procurement, Production and Testing of Aux. Systems and Packages for Compressors, GT/ST, Pumps, Generators and by the Process Skids for Balance of Plants.

C*Blade produces blades and vanes for steam turbine and gas turbine in stainless steel, titanium or Nickel alloys. Since 50 years, we enjoy an excellent reputation as a reliable partner for turbine blading. Our turbine blades are installed in several thousands of Power Stations all over the world.

GFM is an international leader in the production of mechanical components for gas turbines, steam turbines and energy generators in all types of steel, alloy and special superalloy. With more than 40 years of experience, GFM is the ideal partner for OEMs for design, prototyping, production, machining and assembly.

Eurobearings, since 1997 the Key Partner for Key Components.

Your reliable partner for the design, manufacture and rehabilitation Fluid Film Bearings.

Complete with instrumentations, sealing systems and housing

Allinox Components is located in Nort Italy, precisely in Turin.

We are specialized in sheet metal transformation and mechanical processing, we work in the aeronautical and energy sector for the most important Customer Player in the world.

This allowed us to acquired during times expertise and qualifications for traditional and special processes.

Comutensili is an engineering and manufacturing Company, employing around 75 people, specialized in machining of Turbine and Aircraft Engine components, in designing and manufacturing of Broaching Tools, for Customers belonging to the Aerospace and Powergen markets.

Termotecnica Industriale / STF Boilers / Pensotti FCL offers Complete thermal power plants;

Steam generators; Heat generators with diathermic oil, superheated water, hot water;

Complete systems for the distribution of process fluids; Softening, demineralisation, filtration, ultrafiltration and water purification plants; Natural gas decompression and distribution systems; Fire prevention systems; Air conditioning and conditioning systems;

DCS automation and process control systems.

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