Events Organisation

We will follow for you the whole organisation of your events starting from the selection of the raw space to the design and construction of the stand. We will support you in the choose of the better way to present your corporate image with any kind of means (graphic layout, video, presentation, brochure, gadget,specia levents,publications...) We will also plan the travel of your employees selecting the better solution for your stay. 

Stand Design & Construction

Stand design and construction, innovative design proposal, high quality materials and furnitures.

Stand build-up and bre- ak-down, transport & storage handling.
Graphic printings, PVC, Backlight, Forex, Led panels, Banner, Logos... 

Booth Staff & Catering

We guarantee event manager onsite and a professional booth staff, hostess, translator, steward and promoter, barman, sommelier and chef.

And for your catering we have a lot of option, hot or cold cateing delive- red every day at the times you want or installation of a kitchen inside the booth with professionals kooking staff. 

Special Events

Corporate Events, Hopen House, Party, Annyversary & Celebration.

We will take care of every detail to make sure that your event will be unforgettable! 

Special Section For Events Organiser

A Simple Solution.

Gives to your Italian exhibitors the opportunity to be followed by a Local company who can better understand their need and promote italian companies' participation to your event.

Simplify the relations and the management of the whole event!

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