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Cortina 2021 also chooses Be Safe

for the safety of the World Ski Championships.

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Cortina 2021

Be Safe and Sanapur , the new range of products launched by WMEM and S2LIFE to face the advance of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Safety and Prevention were the objectives that WMEM set itself to achieve, by designing these individual sanitation booths.
Making use of competent partners in the sector, in September 2020 WMEM launches BE SAFE .
The partnership with S2LIFE, manufacturer of SANAPUR , an innovative, non-toxic, natural, completely biodegradable product, played an essential role in the design of the sanitation system. The Sanapur molecule, the result of a study that lasted more than 10 years, is based on active oxygen, hypochlorous acid and inorganic oxidants, thanks to a patented industrial process, it is unique in the world. The active ingredient of Sanapur is included in the guidelines for the fight against Sars-Cov-2 and has been listed since May 2020. The use of this active ingredient is foreseen in the report ISS COVID 19 - N ° 25/2020, recommended by the ISS (Higher Institute of Health).
Entirely built in AISI 304 L, which can be positioned both indoors and outdoors, the booths operate through a process of atomization of the sanitizing product that completely envelops the person, eliminating any residual traces of viruses and bacteria from him. The close collaboration with the manufacturers of the sanitizing component, Sanapur, has made it possible to greatly shorten the timing of exposure of the person to this sanitizing mist, having ascertained that an exposure of 8 to 10 seconds is sufficient to totally reduce the viral and bacterial load present. on the person, on surfaces, on objects, including electronic ones and in general on all materials introduced into the cabin.
The Be Safe range of products can be installed for use in private companies, buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, airports, stadiums, theaters, sports centers, gyms, schools, restaurants, practically anywhere, guaranteeing coverage of the most diverse needs in terms of accesses / hour with a minimum influx of 400 people up to about 1,800 people now with a single device.
Distancing, masks and hand sanitization have so far been the basis of the mandatory prevention imposed by the various world governments but all this has not been enough to stop the advance of the Pandemic.
Now Be Safe and Sanapur offer a significant new weapon in the battle against the pandemic and its effects, allowing much safer access to all the places where people need to gather.
The confidence that comes from a feeling of security will be critical as people and businesses seek to emerge from the pandemic and recover from this difficult period.
Be Safe and Sanupur want to be a significant help for the path to be taken, allowing everyone to return to a new normal, in complete safety.


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