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Be Safe


Schema Tunnel OSPEDALE 01.png

Dimensions and Weight: 1,500 x 2,600 mm, H 2,200 mm, Weight 650 kg
Cabin base specifications: Flat base height 40 mm with ramps

Access ramps: Made of steel with anti-slip walkway in compliance with the regulations

in force, and in particular the Law 13/89 and the Ministerial Decree 236 of 1989.

Construction material: Stainless steel, AISI 304L - anti-corrosion
Power Supply: Industrial 220 V - 50 Hz socket (optional reduction on request)

Power Consumption: 5 0 W in stand by, 600 W in operation
Operating temperature: -10 to 50 ° C (optional temperatures below -10 ° C)
Cold Mist Production: Ultrasonic atomization (from 0.5 to 2 PM10)
Noise: <50 dB
Temperature detection (optional on request): Thermal image Processing (± 0.3 ° C)
Temperature Sensing Distance: 20 - 180 cm
Over Temperature Alarm: Luminous and audible
Connectivity: LAN or WIFI
Tank capacity: 10 0 Lt
Hand gel dispenser (optional on request): Capacity 5 lt, automatic photocell, disinfectants with different fluidity

Liquid Atomisation: SANAPUR, Medical Surgical Presidium
Sanitisation times: 10 seconds
Sanitisation steps: 250/400 hours

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